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Anerlisa Muigai responds to pregnancy speculations

Some fan asked her if she is expecting and this was her response.

This is because of a dress that she had worn that lumped up when she sat down causing a round bulge.

“Expecting?” A fan by the name Frankie asked to which Anerlisa self-consciously responded with “Clearly I need to work on my stomach fat if you think that of me.”

Other fans were put off by Frankie’s’ straightforwardness and termed his question ‘rude’ and ‘none of his business’.


Anerlisa is however not the only one who has fended of pregnancy rumours as socialite Bridget Achieng was recently faced with the question.

Though rude, the question is pretty common and most women have had that excruciatingly awkward moment of having to explain themselves. You are walking around town or just chilling, living your best life and someone just asks you if you are incubating a small person in your womb. And you are just like:

But these ladies handled this uncomfortable question pretty decently.


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