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Anerlisa Muigai Reveals her Worst Experience

God saved my life

While answering questions asked by her followers on social media, Anerlisa took to her Instagram account to reveal that a recent pancreatitis attack on her was her worst experience. She added that she would never wish any one to undergo the pain she experienced.

“Anyway that aside what is the worst experience you ever experienced but God helped you overcome it? Mine was my recent pancreatitis attack...I would never wish that pain on anyone,” read her post.

Abdominal pains


A pancreatitis attack is a condition whereby the pancreas becomes swollen and one experiences abdominal pain whenever you eat or lie on your back.

New man

She later on opened up on the lessons she learnt on publicizing relationships and that they hardly last. She called on ladies to keep the men they are dating a secret and never show their faces on social media.

Despite her sharing photos of the two together, the Keroche heiress seems to take her advice seriously as she always hides the face of her new man.


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