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Has Keroche heiress Anerlisa broken up with her fiancée?

Anerlisa's latest posts hints on break up

Her latest post has brought further confusion and has hinted that the love birds have parted ways.

In the new post on social media, Anerlisa wrote, he said he feeling me but don’t want the spotlight. He loves his quiet life and I was like “your wish is my command baby”

Could it be that they have called it quits? It is not yet clear but time will tell.


The Nero Company CEO was forced to introduce her boyfriend to the public after a  lady  identified as Njeri attacked her for being a husband snatcher. The lass had to introduce her ‘babe’ and clear the air that he hasn’t married yet.

Njeri commented on Anerlisa’s post on Instagram and wrote, “Say hi to don. His wife is still crying a river to God to have his husband back to her and their baby.” The lady was forced to apologize to Anerlisa later.

The African culture has almost set a rule on when women should get married. When it reaches a certain age, the question of “When are you getting married?” always pops up in a way. It could be during family functions, social events or even just random interactions. The question is asked over and over.

Anerlisa turned 30 in January 2018 and she recently revealed that many people ask why she isn’t married at 30. Her response was:

“People question me why at 30 i am not married or have kids and my question is who said having a husband and kids is what completes a woman? There is more to offer as women other than just giving birth and again people are getting too quick to the alter with someone who isn’t worth the commitment. Don’t try to play the role with someone who doesn’t fit the part. Your happiness and peace of mind should come first, that’s what should matter not this superficial life some people are trying to live. Nobody should rush you to do things. I will one day start my family but not because of society pressure once revealed that no man is stolen but he chooses to walk away on his own .”


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