Keroche CEO’s daughter Anerlisa Muigai express her biggest fears as she turns 30

"Am so scared. please if you are 30 and above help me feel better"

Going by her Instgram post, Anerlisa Muigai is scared of turning 30 years, as the age bracket tags along lots of responsibilities.

The Keroche CEO’s daughter will be turning 30, in the next one month, and the fear for growing old has already checked in.

Despite the fear of growing old, Anerlisa, states that, at her age she has already achieved a lot, through her own water Compony.

I know I have achieved quite a bit for my age, 29 years though has been the craziest year and one that I never thought I'd get through. Someone told me that ill now be on 3rd floor and I thought does that mean I am becoming gacucu or does that mean people expect a lot more from me. I won't lie, I am so scared. please if you are 30 and above help me feel better and I know it’s just a number but remember when you heard that your relative was 30 and thought " my God 30 is too old" now I am here . Have a great weekend.” Reads Anerlisa Post

At age 30, societal expectations, are always on your shoulders reminding you that you need to settle down and have a family of your own.

Currently, Anerlisa is dating a guy identified as Don aka DK, after breaking up with her first boyfriend , whom they were engaged for almost 6 months.


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