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Angela Chibalonza: The strange things that happened before her death

Angela Chibalonza's former dancer opened up about the peculiar things that happened within hours of her death.

Her dancer at that time John Isaji who was the lone survivor of the crash recently recalled his last moments with the singer to KUTV. His narration about the things that happened revealed that Angela could have had a premonition about her death.

John disclosed that the day before her death, the ‘Ebenezer’ singer was set to perform at Egerton University in Njoro but since it was late she had second thoughts about travelling for the concert.

“It’s too late I can’t make it to Egerton and be back,” The late singer told her team as she was scheduled for a 7 am flight on 22 September.


Despite her misgivings about the Njoro trip, she was forced to go to Egerton as the students had started rioting and she was afraid of the riot story getting splattered in the media. “She protected her image, she protected God’s work so she said we must go,” Isaji told KUTV.

As she prepared to leave, the keys to her house suddenly went missing and she had to be broken out of her house. The concert was successful and at 4 am Isaji attempted to get the singer offstage as it was getting late and she had an early morning flight. But Chibalonza said that she can’t leave the stage without praying for the students to get saved.

“You don’t know if today is your last day, you never know if Jesus will call you today. If you die today where will you go? ” Chibalonza posed.


Convinced, John allowed her to pray for the students and they embarked on a journey back to Nairobi. Upon reaching Nakuru, Angela told John who was driving that he should give the wheel to another driver as he was tired. Isaji didn’t and when they reached Gilgil, Angela who was sleep then woke up and insisted that he gives up the wheel to the co-driver and he reluctantly gave in.

Isaji then moved to the back of the car and dozed off after another driver took the wheel. At Limuru, Isaji woke up to screams as the car rammed into a trailer from behind and that impact sliced off the car’s roof.

Isaji was rushed to Kijabe hospital and was diagnosed with a spinal injury. After surgery, the doctors told him that he could only walk after 10 years but he was able to walk again.

John Isaji now serves as a pastor.


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