Annita Raey’s weird proposal to men

Hii self-quarantine ikona maneno!

Annita Raey’s weird proposal for men

Media personality Annita Raey surprised members of the online community after posing a strange request for men.

In one of the Insta stories Annita posted, she advised men to post pictures of their manhood so that women could body shame them.

Men should post d**k pics so we can also body shame them with how they look” read her insta story.

Fans who came across the post defended men saying that in most cases it’s the women who body shame each other and not men as she had alleged.

Others accused her of having a mid-life crisis while some netizens seconded her idea.

Here are some of the comments;

babyyyyygirlll___Sitetei mtu lakini in most cases women are the ones who body shame their own kind(other women)most of the time😞

sylvia_shannel I don't think men body shame women it's women amongest themselves...

dequan699 Men can never stoop that low..hio tuliachia madame watafte self esteeme and confidence insta😂😂

callme__carlos Can't beat that logic

felix_nderi She has midlife crisis

mambarasta She has a point 🤔 #bodyshamingnotcool

feloninho We respect our bodies

cynthia.daisy.750 😂😂i second this

collins_shikoli Who hurt you @annitahraey 😂😂 post your damn coochie as well. It’s two way.

🤦‍♀️😂😂 Last time I checked the head is not only used to carry teeth. That sort of reasoning is wanting 🤣🤣

lyzzie_beth 😂 😂 😂 I don't think they body shame us with our private parts,,,,, why shud they display their lipunda or toothpicks in public


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