Anittah Raey speaks on dating Gospel singer Hopekid

Annitah Raey opens up!!

She added that she posts pictures of the singer because he really looks good and she has all the reasons to crush on him every day.

“I have known Hopekid since he began music and the pictures I post of him really look good, so I have all the reason to like them and crush on him every day. That does not mean we are dating or we are not. The thing is he is a good artiste who is really working so hard,” she said.

“So lemmi set this record straight.. Very straight... Yes he is saved one of the few gospel artist who is actually saved sio publicity.. Why do I post him Kwani sio mtu.. Smh Humans.. Siwezi post mtu yaani na Amani.. So I play his song.. Sasa if the song is good mnataka nifanye nini kwani I don't play others songs.. Ama nacheza ngoma zake show mzima.. Lemmi just say am not saved so I don't have to deal with BS from these so called gospel artist.. I will post  Monday to Monday.. Post his Song daily.. Kwanza hii  inawauma nini..

The song is an amazing love song.. It’s actually perfect... Lastly someone called him my husband kwani kuna shida smh.. If his my husband or not does it concern you.. Does it pay your bills.. Does is affect your life.. Does it reduce your sleep.. Ebu leave us.. Anyway it's Monday.. Kapicha Kake nitaposti wasiompenda itawakosti.” Raey said in another post on her Instagram page.


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