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NTV actress dies under mysterious circumstances

Barely two weeks after Achieng' Abura and Grace Makosewe passed on, NTV actress has also died under mysterious circumstances.


Actress Maende Shikuku, popularly known as Petronila on NTV series 'Pray and Prey' which airs every Tuesday at 7:30 pm, has passed on.

Maende died on Friday, November 4th. Her colleague revealed she suffered excruciating chest pain on Monday while on cast and was rushed to Nairobi hospital where she was treated and discharged.

Maende’s condition became worse on Friday morning and was once again rushed to the hospital but unfortunately she didn’t make it.

“Missing someone.Arty Industry suffers another loss of talent!There is one more angel in heaven, there is one more star in the skies!! feel no sorrow nor grief she would not have want you to! She asked for permission to be omitted from the last scene yesterday evening, after complaining of an intruding chest pain. we verbally signed her request and when the chest pain became excruciating, the production manager rushed her to Nairobi hospital, where later she was discharged and given prescriptions and bed rest, for what was to be for three days. today at around 1am she woke her neighbour, complaining of the increased illness. she was taken to hospital and that's where the Good Lord decided to rest her from this ungodly world. you will be missed MAENDE SHIKUKU!” Michael M Jones narrated what happened to the fallen actress.


Messages of condolences from Maende’s colleagues, friends and fans have also been poured in plenty on social media:

Patricia Ogola: 2016.......!Fare the well Mama Audrey,Fare the well my school mate, Fare the well Maende Shikuku. Bado nashangaa.Condolences to Joan, Jacinta Amunga & the entire family of the late Hon Martin Shikuku for the loss.

Virginia Atamba: Maende Shikuku RIP, so sad to hear of this..... Asked you when we can hook up was still waiting for your response. God takes the best.. It's well.

Maya Kenya: My good friend Maende Shikuku who i worked with in Pray & Prey has passed on.Farewell my sister, you will be missed.please help by praying for her family.

Esta Sikolia: Life is two days! It comes too quickly....we must live in the now sasa sikia story ya Maende Shikuku


Team Ghafla also express our sincere condolences to the family of Maende Shikuku for the great loss; may the good Lord guide you through this trying times.


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