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Avril gets emotional and openly sheds tears on live TV

Avril was overcome with emotion.

Avril during the Switch TV interview (YouTube)

Singer Avril could not hold back tears during a TV interview with Switch TV.

The ‘In Love’ singer got emotional when discussing a photo of Jacque Maribe’s son holding a picture of his mum. A picture that she had reposted on her timeline while Jacque Maribe was still incarcerated.

“This was very personal to me, the reason why I posted this picture, wow I am gonna get emotional while talking about this. I imagined being in a situation where I am in trouble and my son has no one. And he misses me and that’s the picture he can see and he can see his mum but not talk to his mum. That picture was very emotional,” Avril said as she fought back tears.


The tears eventually started flowing and she had to dab them with her hand when it came to talking of making music that will make her son proud.

“You want your child to be proud of you eventually. You want your child to say ‘That’s my mum!’ So for me, my son is going to consume my music and I would like him to be proud of me,” she said as tears streamed down her face.

Watch the whole video below:


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