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Bahati opens up on drama involving renowned Bongo star

Bahati has opened up about the drama with musician Aslay over ‘Bora Nife’

Baba Heaven claims that Aslay’s management was very unprofessional when it came to how the song was handled. They couldn’t agree on the revenue or how the song was to be marketed online. He also felt that egos on the part of Aslay’s team further derailed the project so he opted to let it go without even pushing it.

“I think there was confusion between my management and Aslay’s management. His management did not communicate well, they were a bit unprofessional so my management felt like the project wasn’t worth it, that’s why I didn’t post about the song on my social media pages.” Bahati explained to Dizzim Online.

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He then went on to add “People loved the song, though I am not sure if the problem was Aslay or his management. When two artistes work together, they should be humble so as to push the song but when one of us decides to act like a star it stops many things. It was a song I loved and wanted to take it to another level. But Aslay’s management was uncooperative in terms of revenue shares, how the song would be sold online etc. Sometimes they (Aslay’s management) would wake up and put it online without our consent and we would report them at times because the value of an artiste is their voice. And the end of the day we all want to put some money in our pockets as we spend time in studio, pay producers, invest in the video wardrobe, basically there are a lot of expenses.”


The ‘Mama’ crooner went on to add that they have not struck an agreement with Aslay’s management to this day and so the song’s potential revenue basically just disappeared like that.


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