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Otile Brown embarrasses Bahati after his new song

"Stop misleading your brother, just tell him the truth"

Otile Brown and Bahati

Otile who is rolling with Kistaarabu has blasted Bahati for wasting high end collabo’s with his poor lyrics.

According to Otile Brown, Bahati’s new song #BaruaKwaMama is a bad song and therefore his fans should not lie to him but point out the mistakes.

“Daah! Huu wimbo wa bahati na eddy kenzo Iko down jamani , wimbo mbaya kweli  .. Mafans wa bahati acheni kumdanganya  (This Bahati''s song with Eddy Kenzo is very bad, Bahati fans stop lying to him) ”Captioned Otile Brown on Instagram.


Otile went ahead to offer to write for Bahati’s next song so that he can better his writing skills, advising that Bahati should get some vocals training.

Mwambieni bahati nimejitolea kum'andikia wimbo wake ujao bure and he should get some vocals training maze . Aache ku waste collabos .. (Tell Bahati that I have offerd to write him his next song free of charge but he should also get some vocals training, so that he doest waste collabos) read part of Otile Brown’s caption on Instagram.

A number of fans seemed to be in agreement with Otile Browns concern, hence  giving their side of the story.

platnumzmiss@hashmisol_tz acha uswahili huyu jamaa atafute akina christina shusho wamfunze akina edi watamsaidia na nn”


icruzzreloaded No offence but thats too much of a boring song. I support u bruh oti

selabitozyYou not perfect brother @otilebrown so si freshy kumsema mwenzako N Yuko juu zaidii Yako @bahatikenya

themarketingteam254@betty_georginah for real @bahatikenya should go back to music school

But another section of fans were reading from totally a different page as they threatened to expose Otile saying that he is not also perfect.


catherinemutua620Otile brown remember ukiwa ndio unaanza u used to think u can rap hahahaa dnt make me spill the beans u have dirty secrets n pple like me from mikindani can say alot so punguza maringo u started from nothing so dnt offer free songs cos we knw how u get the songs u sing”

carockizMhhhhh wengine wanacomment na hata ngoma hata Moja wana he got his own record ww @otilebrown ukona record gani rudi kwenu nkt”

After fans went harm on him, Otile posted another post claiming that he was not going to apologise just becaiuse he said the truth.

He added that his comments are nothing personal and therefore people should not mislead Bahati by not telling him the truth.

“Wimbo mzuri ni mzuri tu , na wimbo mbaya ni mbaya tu na sikua najifanya najua . Wacheni kumpotosha mwenzenu bwana saying this with love , nothing personal .. ati natafuta Kiki ..Kiki ukwaju!!  narudia wimbo mbaya huo na nimejitolea kumuandika wimbo bure asinilipe chochote.”


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