Ata Ruracio ikokaribu- Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura speaks on dating

Mama Mueni opens up

Yvette Obura aka Mama Mueni

Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura has disclosed that she is in a serious relationship, with "Ruracio" ceremony around the corner.

Ms Obura made the revelation during a question and answer session on her insta-stories after a curious fan requested to know if she was dating.

“Are you dating” reads a question from one of her fans.

She responded saying “Hehe Babe… Yes I am…Ruracio at inaknock with Mr. Mombasa”.


Another user demanded to know her experience of having a baby with a celebrity whom they are no longer together as lovers.

“Am like you. I have a kid with a celebrity and we are not together. Were things hard for you?” asked the user.

Mama Mueni stated that “Yes they were.. Its normal but both of us decided to focus on co-parenting and it has been so easy”.

Co-parenting with Bahati

Preciously while appearing on “Being Bahati” reality TV show, Ms Obura mentioned that co-parenting was not an easy task, basing on the fact that Bahati is married and she is also in another relationship.

She explained that at times they argue and differ on a number of issues but all is in the well-being of their daughter.

“Co-parenting si rahisi. You know he has wife alafu maybe am in another relationship, alafu unajua kuna zile time hatuwezi pigiana pigiana simu ati Mueni anataka nini. Sisi wote ni vichwa ngumu , tunakuwanga na arguments, every now and then but the main focus ni Mueni, sisi ni non-factor. Huko Instagram unaeka picha ya Mueni watu wanauliza kwani Mueni haendangi shule.Ooh mara, baba yake ati ooh mtoto anafaa kujua English, mi siongeangi English, so mi nilidecide to kucall the Dad so atakuwa anamchukua yeye mweyewe huko Eastlands anampeleka mpaka Runda at least labda Mueni atatoka huko na pizza tutakula pia sisi,” said Yvette Obura

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