Is this Diamond’s response to Zari after she dumped him?

Nateseka sana nayempenda akinidharau -Diamond.

She mentioned that cheating was the main reason for their break up and said that her respect, integrity, dignity and well-being could no longer be compromised and that is why she wanted out.

This all went down in a widely-liked post on Instagram. Following the acrimonious breakup, Diamond has kept his silence and people have really been pining for a statement from the ‘Hallelujah’ singer.

And he seems to have quenched their thirst. Well, sort of. Diamond released the teaser of his song ‘Baila’ featuring Miri Ben-Ari who is an Israeli-American violinist.

Though the song was created about a year ago, the lyrics are really timely given what is going on and people have interpreted it as his response to all the drama.

Diamond sings, “Kama unanipenda sana, umaarufu weka mbali, na ile nyumba ni ya mama hivo usiwaze Madale. Isiwe kesho madrama, napigiwa simu na Tale ati Insta natukanwa umeshaanzisha party. Moyo wangu mwepesi kupenda na mgumu kusahau, moyo wangu, nateseka sana nayempenda akinidharau.”

‘Baila’ is the 8 track off his debut album called ‘A Boy from Tandale’ and Diamond has admitted that he bared his soul in this song.

“Track no 8! #Baila....Miongoni Mwa Nyimbo zangu pendwa Katika Albam ya #AboyFromTandale...Nyimbo ambayo nimezungumzia Mengi yenye Uhalisia.” He wrote.


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