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I moved on so should you – Barak Jacuzzi’s ex-girlfriend Kairetu to fans

Stop mentioning him in my comments!

Barak Jacuzzi and Kairetu. Biggest relationship dramas of 2019

Barak Jacuzzi’s ex-girlfriend Shirleen Lishan, popularly known as Kairetu has come out to tell her fans to move on because she did so a long time ago.

In an Insta story seen by Pulse Live, Ms Lishan told her fans that she didn’t understand why they were still mentioning Barak in her comments. She went ahead to state that her fans made it seem like they were more attached to Barak than she had previously been.

I don’t understand why some of y’all still be mentioning my ex in my comments. I moved on so should you honey, you making it seem like you was more attached” read Kairetu’s post.


The two are alleged to have separated last year after an ugly confrontation that saw Kairetu reveal that she had procured three abortions for the rapper.

In a video that went viral on social media, the beauty could be heard saying “How many times have I been pregnant for you Barak? Alafu sai unajifanya hunijui. Nimeshika mimba yake mara ngapi…mara tatu. Weka simu on niwaonyeshe. Mbona anajifanya hanijui?” said Kairetu.

After the incident she revealed that she had a two year on and off relationship with the rapper and that she was dramatic, something she was struggling to change.

Since it’s already out there, Lemme just say … me and Barak have been together for a while (2 years on and off), even before we went public. The relationship however started to fail shortly after. A lot happens in a relationship in 2 years. I’m dramatic –I’m not proud of this, it’s something I have been struggling to change. Hence the current trend. But to let it be clear Barak has never laid a hand on me, we both have our short comings, I will not speak of those,” she stated.


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