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Ben Pol addresses claims of being with Anerlisa for the money

He also spoke on dating an older woman.

Ben and Aner (Instagram)

When Anerlisa and Ben Pol went public early this year, faultfinders claimed that Ben Pol was getting bankrolled by his well-heeled girlfriend.

This was following a lavish trip around the world that critics believe she paid for.

Anerlisa’s allegations that her ex Don used her for money made people afraid that there might be a repeat of the incidence with Ben Pol.

But Ben Pol has revealed that Kenyans shouldn’t fear for Anerlisa as he is not with her for the money. He revealed that he got to know Anerlisa long before he knew what she does for a living.


“Nimejua Aner before nijue anafanya nini. Tuliongea na yeye kama msichana wa kawaida lakini slowly by slowly nikajua vitu vingine,” he revealed on his channel.

The ‘Kidume’ singer also disclosed that the Anerlisa the public knows is very different from the Anerlisa he knows in private.

He said that Anerlisa has no airs and is ‘wife material’.

 “Kusema ukweli picha iliyopo nje na picha ninayoona mimi ni picha mbili tofauti kabisa. Watu huku nje wanaeza sema aah CEO lakini Aner ninayemjua mimi ni Aner ambaye nikiamka asubuhi atakutengenezea breakfast anakuletea kitandani. Ni Aner amabaye ukitoka kuoga unapata nguo zako zimenyooshwa kashakuchagulia nguo, kakuekea accessories kitandani. Huyo ndio Aner ninaye mjua mimi labda huko nje watu wanaona picha nyingine kichwa kinampasuka but maisha inaenda smoothly. Nyuma kidogo sikuwahi kufikiria juu ya ndoa, ni yeye ambaye amenipa inspiration sababu ana qualities za mwanamke wa kuoa,” Ben said.


He also addressed their age difference. Ben Pol revealed that he enjoys dating an older woman as an older lady will challenge you and help you grow.

“Mtu ambaye kakuzidi umri most of the time ni mtu anayetaka kutulia, kujenga future…Uzuri wa mtu ambaye kakuzidi umri ni mature anakuchallenge na anakusaidia kukua,” he said.

Amazing Human Being

Ben is not the only one that has gone public with the qualities he loves in Anerlisa, early this year Anerlisa hinted that she had hit the sweet spot with Ben Pol who she started dating in after breaking up with Don.


Speaking on what made her fall for Ben Pol, she said “First he is very humble, loving, God fearing, he is not a user, he is not afraid to tell me the truth and I’ve had the best and craziest time with him, also he doesn’t distract me from my work.”

Her answer came amid claims that Ben is using her for her money given the lavish trips around the world that critics believe she paid for.

Earlier on, the NERO C.E.O had taken to social media to praise her amazing man, “Thank you @iambenpol for being such an amazing human being and for bringing pure happiness into my life. I don’t want to say much but I must say that every day you have surprised me. May God bless you beyond your expectations and give you a long life,” read the sweet message.


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