Top Tanzania singer shocks his fans after unleashing steamy photos on social media

"Usi-judge kitabu kama hujakisoma ndani"

Top Tanzanian artist Ben Pol

The hit maker of the song “Moyo Machine” seems to be taking a new dimensions with his music career after touching on a button he has never touched in his life.

Ben Pol has unleashed Naked photos through his Instgram account and since then discussions around social media have been involving his name.

A good number of his fans seems to disagree with the musicians act after leaving nothing to imagination.

But others seems to side with him saying there is no big deal in his photos as other people around the world also have such photos doing rounds on social media.

His fellow artist Dogo Janja decided to side with Ben pol while on a radio Interview in Tanzania. According to Dogo maybe Ben Pol didn't have clothes to put on and therefore decided to go naked.

“Labda brother alijiuliza akivaaje atapendeza akaamua asivae kitu tu mbona fresh, lakini mimi sidhani kama nitaweza kufanya jambo kama lile kuwaonyesha watu. Too much hapana aisee vitu kama vile vinaishi milele. Unaweza kufanya leo ukapata maslahi lakini kesho kikawa na athari katika maisha yako,” Said Dogo Janja.

Dogo Janja who is rolling with his new jam “Ukivaa Aje Unapendeza” says even going bare is a style that one can side with.

The Instagram Photos of Ben pol have no captions and therefore fans have all the room to guess the intention of Pol.

But as a way of answering critics Bne pol as dropped a shor video with the words “Usi-judge kitabu kama hujakisoma ndani .” (Don’t Judge a book if you haven’t read it)” posted Bne Pol.

Going by the video, Ben Pol is out to promote his new song “Mateka” that he has feature Darasa.


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