Saumu Mbuvi’s ex engaged to marry another Governor’s daughter (Photos)

From Sonko's daughter to another Governor's daughter.

Mwangi wa Iria Governor of Murang’a county is slated to be Benson’s new father-in-law as the young man has already booked his bride one Rachel Wanja.

This was in a ceremony in June called Kuhanda Ithĩgĩ (planting the branch of a tree) which comes ahead of the dowry ceremony called Rũracio and after Kumenya Mucĩĩ (where the groom-to-be visits the bride’s home to introduce himself.)

A few months after the ceremony, Benson revealed that he had also adopted Rachel’s daughter in a post that read: “Apparently the best things don't come with a menu and a price tag. But they would fetch crazy amounts on auction.  My artefacts.”

This was after sharing a pic of his new family.

Benson's engagement seemingly gives weight to Saumu's accusations that he jumped from one politician’s daughter to another, a claim she made in a fit of rage.

“I'm tired of waking up every morning getting different stories about me on this cheap blogs. Just to clear the air I was never married in the first place. I’m just a woman who realized my worth before it was too late .yes we broke up .I’m just too young to go through such bullsh*t of a man moving from one politician's daughter to another for his selfish benefits. I wonder what all of you get by writing all this nonsense. Next time I see bs about me I will definitely take it to court. If there is anything that needs to be clarified call my number. ” She raged.


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