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Why Betty Bayo didn’t dump Kanyari after the fake miracles expose on KTN

Betty Bayo has disclosed why she didn’t immediately run for the hills.

The only one that comes close to him in the controversial meter is his mum Prophetess Lucy Nduta who was once charged in a Nairobi Court for fleecing over 1 Million shillings from unsuspecting Christians.

Nduta just like the son offered miraculous cures and specialized in the AIDS cure which would cost one between Sh200, 000 and Sh400, 000 offered as ‘tithe’.

But despite Kanyari’s expose and the family’s history with swindling, Betty Bayo still stuck by the Salvation Healing Ministry pastor.


In fact, after the widely-publicized Jicho Pevu expose, Betty still stuck by Kanyari as she didn’t want to dump him while he was still vulnerable.

“I did not leave him immediately. It didn’t feel right to me to leave him in the mess. So I held on a little longer. And I had to forgive him. When I saw he was stable enough, I decided to leave. He had changed and become a better person but in my heart, nothing would stop me from leaving.”  She told SDE.

And while most people were shocked by the expose, Betty wasn’t. “Not in the least bit. I had gone through so much with him that I was just indifferent.When you have gone through so much, stretched beyond your limits as a human being, you easily snap. I was not shocked. I was not expecting anything better than that.”


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