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9 Kenyan celebrity single mums we all love (Photos)

They are killing it!

Here are some celebrity mums setting good examples and inspiring single parents out there:

1. Betty Kyallo

Since her split from Dennis, Okari Betty has been raising little Ivanna all on her own and the two haven’t spoken since the breakup.


“I was comfortable with him being part of our daughter’s life but he decided otherwise. I am perfectly fine with it. I respect his decision.” She said during a tell-all interview with True Love Magazine.

2. Cecilia Mwangi

The former Miss Kenya and the ambassador of anti-jigger organization Ahadi Kenya Trust has been raising her daughter all on her own following her public split from Danson Mungatana.

“All through from the time she was born it has been mum giving. He (Mungatana) has not even been in the picture, she is not lacking something so she doesn’t get to a point where she is like ooh I miss so and so because he used to get me this and nowadays I don’t get it because he is no longer there.” She disclosed on the Let’s Talk show.

3. Pierra Makena


The gorgeous DJ has been raising her beautiful daughter all on her own after breaking up with her baby daddy two weeks after learning that she had conceived.

Opening up to True Love, Pierra revealed that she intended on leaving her baby daddy out of her daughter’s relationship but her mother insisted that she should inform the baby daddy.

But informing her baby daddy came with conditions. “I made it clear that he didn’t have to be part of it." She said.

And even though he suggested a meet up on learning of the news it was never to happen as the guy was engaged to be married. "And even though he mentioned that we should at least meet and talk about it, he never made the effort to reach out again. I found out later is because he was getting married." She said.

Given the situation, many women in Pierra's place would have felt played and sought revenge but Pierra made peace with the situation. “The funny bit is, I was actually happy for him. I know that it sounds like a lie, but the day I went to church and asked God to be the father of my child, I was relieved of any burdens.”


4. Mwende Macharia

The vivacious radio Maisha presenter dated video director J blessing and the two were engaged to be married and he had even met her parents in Diani.

But they broke up over what Mwende described as ‘fundamental issues’ in their relationship. In an earlier interview with a local paper, Mwende had intimated that the two were going through a ‘rocky patch’ and took a break before continuing with an ‘undefined relationship’. During the undefined period she fell pregnant but was shattered upon learning that her beau had moved on.

“I kept asking him to define the relationship but he wasn’t forthcoming. I later discovered that I was pregnant.  All my life, I had not imagined myself as a single mother and so I called him immediately. He came to my house and told me he had moved on. I was very bitter.” She disclosed on SDE.

But she left the bitterness behind her and even hosted her ex on her radio show.


5. Victoria Rubadiri

Since she keeps her life away from the public eye, not many know that this TV beauty is the mother of a teenager. While she was living in the US, Rubadiri became a teen mom and she broke up with her baby daddy but she has a cordial relationship with the baby’s father for the sake of their daughter.

6. Kanze Dena

While most ladies on the list have been forced to take care of their babies all alone, some have managed to co-parent. Like Kanze Dena who recently disclosed that co-parenting can work as long as you put God first, your kid at the forefront and all your differences aside.

“Co-parenting works ...unaweka Mungu Kwanzaa... Mtoto Mbele na tofauti zenu Kando. Ila najua Kwa wengine najua napigia mbuzi guitar! Haidhuru langu nishasema...”She disclosed.


7. Grace Msalame

The curvaceous media personality is also proof that co-parenting can work as she has managed to do it so well with her former flame Paul Ndichu when it comes to raising their multiples Raha and Zawadi. They (Paul & Grace) are so friendly to the extent that Grace ensured that daughters have a close bond with their step mom Evaline Momanyi.

Grace describes her firstborn (by one minute) Zawadi as independent while her second born Raha is the comedian just like her late grandfather Tony Msalame.

8. Nicah

The gospel queen sent people reeling in shock after confessing that Dr Ofweneke was a violent man. She even shared a jarring photo as evidence of the domestic abuse she was undergoing.


“Domestic violence is such a bad thing…I had to walk away…I had to run, yes I am a single mum of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids.” Read the message accompanied by a jarring image of a beaten up Nicah.

Some thought that Nicah would go back to her relationship, but Nicah has maintained that she is not going back and she will raise her daughters on her own. And a few months on, Nicah seems to be in a good place.

9. Akothee

When it comes to being a ‘lit’ mum no one does it as well as Akothee. Even after losing 3 children, Akothee has not lost her humour and still remains a strong mum for her 5 remaining children.

From pushing them to achieve their dreams, to giving them stern advice, watching Akothee raise her children has been a joy.


She recently expressed that she is willing to add a few kids to her brood.

“Baby, I just want to have triplets for you, so they can abuse us in one pregnancy iishe if we start dropping one after another some will give up on the way due to lack of new insults and you know we don't need common insults we need new ones for every episode @nellyoaks #callpolis”  Akothee wrote to her manager Nelly Oaks in response to her online trolls.


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