Viewers ask Biggie to disqualify Cee C for injuring Lolu

Viewers have asked Big Brother to disqualify Cee C for injuring Lolu's balls. Check out Twitter reactions to the incident.

The housemate injured him during a disagreement after the harness used to bind them together hit him.

How it started

Yesterday,  Biggie reshuffled the pairings and asked the housemates to avoid conversations with anyone that isn't their bond partner. He paired Cee C with Lolu; two housemates who had never been friendly towards each other.

For hours, the pair had nothing to say to each other and simply sat far apart with dejected looks on their faces. They followed each other around without having any sort of conversation.

Eventually, Lolu was able to get Cee C to open up to him. They stayed up until the early hours of the morning conversing mostly about Cee-c’s love interest in the House, Tobi.

The disagreements

During breakfast, Cee C wanted to get her belt while Lolu was eating. He asked her to wait until he was done before they could go.

Cee C got angry and shouted, "I have to go get my belt."  Lolu asked her to apologize for shouting at him but she said she felt she had done nothing wrong, so refused.

Minutes later, she said, "I am sorry, but I'm not wrong."  Lolu refused to accept the apology and asked her to admit that she was wrong.

It was at that point that she started dragging the harness. She called the attention of other housemates, announcing that she was about to unhook herself.

Other housemates, who had been punished by Biggie the previous day for failing to obey his rules, ignored her.

She eventually unhooked herself, went to get her belt and returned to bind herself back to Lolu.

The injury

After the Head of House called the housemates for a meeting, Lolu asked Cee C to wait for him to wash his plate.

She refused, so he went with her for the meeting. After the meeting, he asked to return to the kitchen to complete his washing, she refused, saying that she wanted to sit down.

When Lolu didn't move, she started pulling and stretching the strap until it unhooked and hit him very close to his balls, leaving a red mark.

Big Brother's reaction to Cee  C and Lolu incident

Big Brother is yet to officially address the incident. However, the official Twitter page has reacted, making fun of the incident and its effect on Lolu's potency.

Also, Cee C and Lolu have been disqualified from participating in any task until further notice.

Viewers demand Cee C's disqualification

Viewers took to social media to ask Biggie to disqualify or give Cee C a strike for inflicting injury on another housemate. A week ago, K.Brule was punished for inflicting injury on himself.

Other reactions to the incident

Cee C and Lolu, originally paired with Tobi and Anto respectively, are up for possible eviction this weekend.

Who do you think was at fault?


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