Biggest relationship dramas of 2019

When love erupts like a volcano!

Biggest relationship dramas of 2019

They say finding love is a walk in the park but keeping the relationship going requires a lot of hard work.

When normal infamous people like me and you get caught up in a relationship drama, no one cares or makes a big fuss about it. But when celebrities get involved in them, it becomes a big deal and minutes later, they become viral subjects of discussions on social media . Call it petty, but this is Kenya and netizens are always waiting for celebrities to fulfill their ‘mtaachana tu’ prophecy.

2019 saw some of the ugliest relationship dramas that caught Kenyans unaware.

Have a look;

Natalie Tewa and Rnaze

This had to be one of the biggest relationship dramas that we witnessed in 2019. After serving netizens with couple goals and making their relationship look like a bed of roses, the couple had an ugly confrontation that led to their break up.

In viral videos that surfaced online, Natalie could be seen banging her boyfriend’s door attempting to push it open after Rnaze kicked her out in the middle of the night.

Natalie, who was once described Rnaze as a caring, disciplined man, could not open the door for her. This made Natalie reveal how she footed their bills and even called Rnaze broke.

The drama erupted after Rnaze accused the beauty of cheating on him, when he went for a trip in Uganda, accusations she denied.

In a series of Instagram posts, the Youtube siren not only accused her ex of hitting her, but also claimed that he was trying to stop her money by deleting her Youtube and Instagram posts.

And just like that, their relationship went up in flames amid humiliating and distressing videos.

Terrence and Milly

In October, Instagram comedian Terence Creative admitted to cheating on his wife Milly Chebby, a confession that made all hell break loose.

The two had previously painted a picture of how ‘perfect’ their marriage was and the cheating confession caught many by surprise. The most surprising thing was that Terence blamed the devil for the act.

Shetani huja kwa njia mingi, ashindwe Kabisaa. Akii sitarudia Tena”. He said.

It later came out to be known that the comedian had cheated on his wife with a 19-year-old girl called Anita Soina. They even went ahead to add that they were receiving threats from the lady.

Anita had previously opened up, revealing how Milly had threatened to call Mungiki on her. Using pseudo accounts, Milly went ahead to post a video of Anita taken secretly by Terrence as she was dressing.

According to his wife Milly, she knew about Anita in June and even warned her to keep off her husband, but she kept on bothering the comedian and blackmailing him.

We thought that the two would break up but instead Milly revealed that walking out on her marriage or abusing her husband on social media as many people expected was not the best thing to do.

Terrence later apologized to his fans who thought they had the perfect marriage.

“I know my fans are very disappointed, but I want to tell them that I’m very sorry about that ni hali ya maisha but I just want to be that real person that makes mistakes. I don’t want to portray I’m that perfect nasikia wanasema sisi ni couple goals, haimaanishi sisi ni perfect,” he said.

Barak Jacuzzi and Kairetu

In September, Kenyan rapper, Barak Jacuzzi and his ex-girlfriend Lishan (kairetu) caused a big scene at the Konshens concert. This was after Kairetu accused Jacuzzi of not knowing her even after she had procured three abortions for the singer.

She even went ahead to dare him to switch on his phone so that he could prove to the world that what she was saying was actually true.

In a video that had gone viral on social media, the lady was heard saying “How many times have I been pregnant for you Barak? Alafu sai unajifanya hunijui. Nimeshika mimba yake mara ngapi…mara tatu. Weka simu on niwaonyeshe. Mbona anajifanya hanijui?”

Kaiertu turned violent at some point and was held back by Barak's friend as she tried to charge at him. All this time the singer was seated and watched as the drama ensued.

Ruby and Kusah

Ruby’s breakup with her baby daddy ‘Kusah’ came as a shock to many especially when she revealed that she was in a violent relationship.

Ruby stated that Kusah used to beat her with allegations that she was cheating with WCB Boss Diamond Platnumz and RnB singer Juma Jux.

Ruby further divulged that she was determined to help her baby daddy make a name in the entertainment industry by introducing him to people like Diamond, but he instead decided to listen to rumours that were being peddled around by gossip pages.

Speaking to Lil Ommy, Jux addressed the allegations saying that there was no relationship between the two.

Kwanza kabisa nasikitika sana inaonekana kwamba mimi ndio sababu. Najua mapenzi I’ve been kwenye mapenzi unajua alafu watu amabo wamekaa tena wana familia kuvunjika alafu unaambiwa wewe ndio sababu ni kitu amabcho si kizuri. Nasikitika kujua hivo kwa sababu sio hivo. Mimi na Ruby hatujawai kuwa na kitu hata ambacho kinakaribia kwenye kuwa na chochote cha kimahusiano zaidi ya Ruby najua ni msanii anafanya mziki mzuri,” Said Jux.


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