How Simon Kabu's Valentine's Day proposal flopped

He proposed in the bus!

How Simon Kabu's Valentine's Day proposal flopped

Bonfire Adventures boss Simon Kabu has for the first time revealed how his Valentine’s Day proposal flopped.

In an interview one of Kenya’s top magazines, Mr. Kabu disclosed that he had planned a proposal that would forever stick in their minds at the Kibo Amboseli where they had their guests on a Valentine trip booked.

He went on to say that he asked the hotel to help him organize the picturesque proposal.

The business had run for one year by then and we were fully booked at the Kibo Amboseli for our guests during Valentine. The hotel agreed to help me set up a one of a kind proposal for Sarah. She had no idea about the planning. It was a picturesque Valentine proposal,” said Simon Kabu in the interview with True Love Magazine.

He then went to wake Sarah for the morning game drive where he was to propose but she could not get out of bed and the proposal did not happen.

According to Kabu’s wife Sarah, she was unwell, “The only problem was, I had terrible stomach cramps and when he came to wake me up for the morning drive, I just couldn’t get up”


She added that Simon got disappointed because he had filled in their guests and they would be witnesses of the proposal but the plan had collapsed.

However, despite the disappointment, Kabu was still determined to propose at the park and as they were leaving on the last day, he proposed on the bus.

There was no way I was going to leave Amboseli without accomplishing what I had planned to do,” said Mr. Kabu.

He added that despite having been married for almost a decade, every time he looks at the pictures he thinks about redoing it and maybe one day it shall come to pass. 


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