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Activist Boniface Mwangi exposes worrying details on Ezekiel Mutua

Boniface Mwangi goes ham on Ezekiel Mutua

The former Starehe Member of Parliamnet hopeful, has alleged that Mr. Mutua disappeared with cash and  20 TV sets meant for winners of the Kenya Union of Journalists Awards in 2005.

“So you blocked me but l will still keep reminding you that you’re a thief,you stole TV’s,cash and switched the winners list at Kenya Union of Journalism awards in 2005. Have you told your followers your greed killed KUJ?” Reads Boniface Mwangi's Tweet


In his tweet Mr. Mwangi also attached screen shots of an article that appeared on The Standard Newspaper explaining what happened.

Going by the statements in the article, Mr. Mutua also is being accused of also switching the list of winners and killing the Union.

awards a decade ago, the prize money mysteriously disappeared. Winners, like photographer Boniface Mwangi , never saw a dime of their prize money. It is quite rich that he can base his puritanical campaign obn such a shaky background, wrongly assuming a countrywide amnesia.

“It is said that KUJ officials received 20 TV sets meant for the awards from a sponsor. The television were neither mentioned nor presented during the awards ceremony. Maybe someone watched #TheTrend’s Trending Talkers segment on one of those sents on Friday” reads Party of Boniface Mwangi’s posts on Twitter.

Mwangi’s attack on the KFCB CEO did not last long before he replied with an under the belt comment.


“ Useless Activism." Ezekiel Mutua's response to Boniface Mwangi

Reactions from KOT


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