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Conjestina Achieng rushed to hospital

Congestina Achieng was rushed to hospital on Tuesday 24 October 25, 2016 where she was readmitted in a psychiatric ward.


News in is that the former boxer is now receiving treatment at the Kisumu District Hospital where doctors are keeping a close eye on her. Her health has been deteriorating since relocating to her village in Siaya with her son.

The well wishers who rushed her to hospital have come out to say that the former boxer needs help as soon as possible. According to Winny Ogolla, a well wisher who soke to the Nation, Congestina's health has been ignored for some time now and the effects are slowing taking full effect.

“Conjestina is someone that can get back to her normal health if people come together to help her,”

Ms Ogolla said  while also pleading with the public to help out the ailing boxer who was left with nothing.


This is the second time Congestina Achieng is being rushed to hospital since 2013. We are still gathering in more information so keep it here for more updates.


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