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Jalang'o given 48 hours to collect his Sh18,000 refund by 21-year-old

Jalang'o had donated Sh18,000 to pay the young man's rent but he told him off.

Jalango talking to vincent Mboya

Vincent Mboya a young man who had appealed to Jalang'o to help pay his 3-month rent arrears has now given the comedian 48 hours to claim his refund.

Mboya displayed a wad of cash worth Sh18,000 and insisted that Jalang'o should collect it from him as a refund.

"Felix Odiwuor (Jalang'o), come for your money. I'm giving you 48 hours you come collect your money. He can pin his location so that we meet and I hand him the cash," he said.


Mboya added that at the lapse of the 48 hours he would find a way of sending the money.

The young man had thanked Jalas for helping pay his rent but took offence after the comedian lectured him about begging for help.

I will pay your rent, that is not the problem. The Problem is, after this then? Look at these people around here, all they have is a phone and they are doing something. You have to look for ways to push yourself.

"You don’t have to peg your life on somebody else. Because once you paid for this, you will go to the house, what else are you going to do? Don’t look for easy ways in life,” Jalang'o said.


Vincent said that though he was grateful to Jalango, the comedian used unnecessary harsh words.

I was so disappointed. I’m grateful that he helped me, but I don’t think telling me ‘work your a** off’ was necessary,” Mboya stated.

He added: “Sometimes people look down on you because you got nothing. I don’t have problem with him, but when things work out for me as God has planned, I will refund his money.


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