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4 things netizens loved about Gabriel Oguda from first-ever media interview

Oguda is known for his critical perspectives on Kenyan politics, governance, social justice, and public policy, delivered in a humorous and satirical manner.

Gabriel Oguda

Gabriel Oguda has made a significant impact on X (Twitter), earning both admiration and disdain for his work as a commentator, writer, and social media influencer with a focus on socio-political issues.

His insightful, often critical, views on Kenyan politics, governance, social justice, and public policy, delivered with humour and satire, have garnered attention.

With 779K followers on X, Oguda contributes to various publications and uses social media to engage with a broad audience on current affairs and cultural commentary.

Despite his influence, Oguda has remained somewhat enigmatic, rarely giving media interviews and leaving few with an accurate sense of the voice behind his online comments.


However, Oguda on Monday, April 8, broke this trend by sitting down for his first media interview on The Social Newsroom with Mark Masai.

This interview revealed aspects of Oguda that many of his followers hadn't seen before, with viewers highlighting four qualities they admired:

Oguda's story of growing up in a polygamous family with 20 siblings and overcoming adversity to succeed is genuinely inspiring.


His father's job loss in the 90s left the family in dire straits, forcing his mother to become the breadwinner.

A Maseno School and University of Nairobi alumnus, Oguda has made significant strides, much to his mother's pride.

Oguda after joining the university even split his education loan to support his family at home, he even admitted his younger brother to high school.

Oguda's wit shone through in the interview, mirroring the humour seen in his tweets. His storytelling, sprinkled with popular phrases from his social media posts, was a hit with the audience.


Viewers appreciated Oguda's authenticity and pride in his background. He openly credited those who supported him along his journey without shame about his past.

His storytelling during the interview came across as genuine and unscripted, resonating with viewers who appreciated his sincerity.


Despite some noting differences between his written eloquence and spoken delivery, the majority found his speech and message clear and effective.

"If you haven't watched the Oguda video, you'd think he spoke complete gibberish from the way people are tweeting. What are y'all on about? His speaking is fine, and his message is clear," commented one user.

Oguda's first media interview provided insight into his journey and personality, earning praise for his inspirational story, humour, authenticity, and eloquence


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