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Actor Arabron Osenya reveals why he left 'Mother-in-law' after only 4 years

Arabron who besides acting is a voice-over artist spoke of a lucrative 30-second commercial he did that earned him Sh300K

Actor Arabron Osenya

Arabron Osenya, renowned for his role as Jack Mwamba in the hit series 'Mother-in-law,' has shared the reasons behind his departure from the popular show.

Speaking to this writer during the premiere of Showmax series 'Faithless', Osenya who dedicated four cumulative years to the program revealed that he was forced to leave due to unavoidable circumstances.

As an esteemed actor with close to four decades of experience in the film industry, Osenya also highlighted the significant role 'Mother-in-law' played in his career.

The show, which aired on Citizen TV, became synonymous with his name, leading to widespread recognition among the audience.


"I was among the founding cast of the show, but due to circumstances, I had to leave. I was there for about 4 years on and off, but here we are today," Osenya said.

Apart from his notable stint on 'Mother-in-law,' Osenya has also graced screens in other popular shows such as 'Kona' and 'Kina,' showcasing his versatility as an actor. Currently, he captivates audiences in the series 'Faithless' with his portrayal of the character Pastor Musa.

In addition to his on-screen achievements, Osenya has firmly established himself as a distinguished voice-over artist. His captivating voice has lent depth to numerous commercials, plays, and voice-acting projects, solidifying his reputation in the industry.


Osenya revealed that he has earned as much as Sh300,000 for a 30-second commercial, highlighting the demand for his vocal talent.

When asked about the differences between screen acting and voice acting, Osenya dispelled the notion that voice acting is easy. Despite being offscreen, he emphasized the challenge of effectively conveying emotions and body language solely through vocal expression.

Adding another intriguing layer to his persona, many are unaware that Osenya has American roots. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, his multicultural background brings depth and diversity to his craft.


Osenya's mother is American while his father is Kenyan and grew up in the U.S. until he was 17.

Despite gaining widespread fame, Osenya has managed to maintain a low profile, a challenge he acknowledges.

"The challenge for me, I can say, is that I was used to getting all this attention, but I had to remain grounded," he shared.

Arabron is also a family man and has largely kept his family under wraps.


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