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Minne Cayy speaks on relationship with stepdaughter & hubby's baby mama

Minne disclosed for the first time that her stepdaughter, often mistaken for her biological daughter, is not related to her by blood.

Actress Minne Kariuki

Actress and influencer Minne Kariuki, also known as Minne Cayy, is setting a beautiful example of love, acceptance, and blended family unity.

For the first time, Minne has opened up about the joys and challenges of being a stepmother, her bond with her stepdaughter Taraji, and the respectful relationship she maintains with Taraji's biological mother.

Minne revealed Taraji, who has a striking resemblance to her biological daughter often confuses many.

"People do not know because my stepdaughter looks exactly like my daughter so many think she is my first daughter, we are a blended family her name is Taraji and I love her like she is my own," Minne said.


Motherhood especially in a blended family, is filled with unique challenges and milestones. Minne's story is no different.

From being referred to as 'auntie' to now proudly being called 'mum,' Minne reflected on the organic growth of their relationship, emphasising the importance of time and patience in fostering genuine connections.

"We started living together when she was young we have gone through all those challenges of being called auntie, now she calls me mum what we learnt you just give it time and you want it to develop organically, she is my very good friend right now she tells me everything," she said.


On a personal note, Minne is bubbling with excitement about her pregnancy, a journey she describes as challenging yet immensely rewarding.

"This pregnancy has been hard, but my husband is even more excited than I am, offering unwavering support throughout," Minne said, her relief evident in her voice.

Minne's path to this pregnancy was paved with anticipation and past struggles, making the news of her pregnancy all the more special to her and those close to her.


"Finding out I was pregnant was incredible. I've faced struggles trying to get pregnant in the past, so I chose to keep it a secret for a while.

"I'm thankful for my friends, especially from the acting scene, who respected my journey and kept my secret," she added, highlighting the value of supportive friendships.

She also explained the joy her husband was experiencing as the pregnancy was a dream come true for him given the hardships they had been through to get a child.


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