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Akothee threatens to deport Kibe for comparing her with Omanga

Akothee has clashed with Andrew Kibe for comparing her with Millicent Omanga on his YouTube channel

From left: Akothee, Andrew Kibe, and Millicent Omanga

Singer Akothee is unhappy after content creator Andrew Kibe indecently compared her with Millicent Omanga in one of his podcasts on YouTube.

In one of his videos, Kibe made fun of the two public figures by comparing their 'bedroom skills'. However, this has not ended well, as Akothee retaliated after coming across the information.

Akothee has since taken to her Instagram account to address Kibe, warning him that he is not above the law and cannot create any type of content he wants.


She also warned Kibe to be careful with his content, as it could result in legal repercussions that could lead to his imprisonment or even deportation to Kenya.

She expressed that Kibe's bitter attitude has led him to attack people in his content.

"Now this is not content but disrespect to women. Andrew Kibe be careful let not clout chasing push you to jail. You are not above the law to just wake up and rant.

"We all understand you are broke bitter and toxic, you can create all types of content. But I will not allow you to go this far!" Akothee wrote.


To add salt to the wound, Akothee said that Kibe's manhood is not functional due to alcohol consumption as she labeled him a failure.

Akothee addressed Kibe and warned him of the potential consequences of creating vulgar content on his YouTube channel.

She pointed out that he might soon be prohibited from using their brand names in his content and that he might lose revenue as a result.


Akothee went as far as asking if anyone knows Kibe's father, as the content creator has been attacking celebrities by suggesting that they are not raising their children and should take DNA tests.

She pointed out that while Kibe is busy monitoring other people's lives, men of his age are working from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to earn a living.

Akothee also addressed Kibe's reason for being in the US, suggesting that he is hiding there because he is not successful in Kenya.


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