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Amber Ray shuts down Andrew Kibe's criticism

Amber Ray has responded to Andrew Kibe's recent antics

Andrew Kibe and Amber Ray

Kenyan influencer, Amber Ray, has taken to social media to respond to Andrew Kibe's recent antics regarding her.

Content creator and YouTuber Kibe, known for his controversial comments, had swiped at Amber Ray's gender reveal party and mentioned her family in a video on his YouTube channel.

In a series of posts on her Instagram stories on Thursday, Amber Ray did not hold back in responding to Kibe's comments. She used the opportunity to impart some life lessons to Kibe.


Despite his influence and impact in the Kenyan and diaspora communities, Amber described Kibe as a 50-year-old man with no clear vision or money.

She also said that Kibe has been unable to pay debts as low as Sh2.5 million for seven years and warned single ladies to stay away.

"He has no clear vision, no money and yet married to his job. Contrary to many people's beliefs, 'babu wa mama' is not a conman but only broke thus unable to pay debts for as low as 2.5m even after being given a chance to and trying for seven years," Amber wrote.


Amber Ray also used the opportunity to advise Kibe on the importance of raising his frequency from shame, guilt, grief, and fear to acceptance, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.

She encouraged him to focus on inner work rather than seeking validation through likes on YouTube videos.


In her final message to Kibe, Amber Ray did not mince words. She called out his content for insulting God, women, men, children, and animals.

She warned him not to insult her family, as she would not hesitate to retaliate.

"Life is not about being born, going to school, retire and die. Life is about raising your frequency from shame, guilt, grief and fear to acceptance. Love, joy, peace and enlightenment, She wrote.


She encouraged Kibe to stop living in the past and focus on his transformation as he approaches sixty.

"We all have a past that could be interpreted in anyway by anyone. We also have an innate ability to transform ourselves into being anything we want to be.

"Today I choose to give you the space you need to grow so that 10 years from now you are not just 60 years old but also have the reward that comes with the age," she wrote.

Amber Ray also advised anyone with an enemy to be kind to them and let them know they are being kind.


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