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Akothee stands by daughter amid pregnancy rumours, pledges support & nanny duties

Akothee's youngest daughter publicly introduced her man in April 2023, and the couple has since become an inspiration for many on social media.

Akothee's youngest daughter Fancy Makadia

Kenyan businesswoman and singer Akothee has shown unwavering support for her youngest daughter, Fancy Makadia amidst pregnancy rumours.

The whispers grew louder, prompting Fancy to take to social media to set the record straight.

The dancer based in France categorically denied the rumors, stating that she was not pregnant and had never been expectant. She went on to emphasise that there was no child she had left with a nanny.

"I am not expectant, never been, and there is no baby I have left with a nanny regards," she wrote.


Fancy's post garnered attention not only from her followers but also from her ever-supportive mother, Akothee.

Known for her strong-willed personality and devotion to her family, the mother of five took the opportunity to encourage her daughter and express her views on the matter.


She reassured her daughter that there was nothing wrong with having children and advised Fancy not to let societal pressures dictate her choices.

In her words, she wanted to empower her daughter to make decisions about her life without being controlled by others.

"And it is very okay to have children, let no one pangia maisha for you. I am also pregnant na mtu hanipangii life. Give birth when you are ready. Wait, the baby won't be left behind with a nanny. The nanny will be me," she wrote.


This recent show of support by Akothee comes months after Fancy Makadia introduced her partner to the public in April.

In a social media post, Fancy expressed her gratitude for her partner's love and support, thanking him for making her a better person.

Fancy affectionately referred to her partner as 'Osiep Chunya' (My heart friend), revealing the depth of their closeness and intimacy.


"Hey you, I am truly blessed to have you as a part of my life. Thank you for being my lover, my friend, and my confidant. Your love has given me the confidence and courage to conquer this world.

"I thank you for making me a better person. You could have had anyone in this world, but you chose me. Thank You. I love you OC (Osiep Chunya)," she said.

The couple's public expressions of love and affection have made them relationship goals for some, and their connection is evident in their posts and interactions


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