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Alikiba's ex tells it all about their short-lived relationship, breakup

Madeleine revealed that Alikiba was disrespectful and that he had multiple girlfriends.

Alikiba's ex-girlfriend Madeleine

Alikiba's ex-girlfriend, Madeleine, has finally disclosed the reasons behind her breakup with the Bongo Flava artist in an interview shared by Carrymastory on YouTube.

According to Madeleine, she ended her relationship with Alikiba after realising that her perception of him was entirely different from reality.

She explained that Alikiba frequently accused her of various things and even told her that she would never succeed. It was at this point that she decided to call it quits.


"Niliingia na nikaona kwamba the situation is very different. Kwamba nilikua accused verbally, niliambiwa you will never make it," Madeleine said.

After their breakup, Madeleine revealed that she discovered Alikiba had numerous girlfriends and even had a wife.

Upon sharing her experiences with Alikiba, she mentioned that many women contacted her, recounting similar incidents they had faced while dating Alikiba.

Based on the responses she received, Madeleine reflected on her decision and believed she had done the right thing, as it's not acceptable for someone to treat women in such a manner.


According to Madeleine, Alikiba began pursuing her in February 2022, but she initially declined his advances due to her awareness of his marriage.

She traveled to Spain in the same month, and when she returned in October of the same year, Alikiba's wife posted a message hinting at her divorce from Alikiba.


It was at this point that Madeleine and Alikiba started dating, as it was widely known that Kiba was no longer in a relationship, and he assured her that she was the only woman he was involved with.

However, their relationship was short-lived because Alikiba was not meeting his obligations, according to Madeleine.

They reconciled shortly afterward, and it was during this time that she discovered that Alikiba was still married to his wife. When she confronted him about it, they proceeded with their divorce.


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