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Find a job, go back to school if you fail in music – Anerlisa tackles Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai also told Ben Pol to accept and move on with his life and stop thinking that they will get back together, warning him that he will have nowhere to hide should she decide to make things clear

Anerlisa Muigai

Businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai has fired yet another salvo at her ex-husband Ben Pol, threatening to reveal details that will leave the Tanzanian singer with nowhere to hide and telling him to stop thinking that they will get back together.

In a terse statement shared on her Instagram page, Anerlisa told the musician to focus on his life and career, or better yet, go back to school or find a job should he fail in his music career.

"But just to remind Ben, it's been two years now since we broke up. I am not your wife and it is also clear that I cannot be your friend. Move forward with your life and stop thinking that we will get back together. It can't happen. You know very well that if I decide to do an interview to make things clear, I don't know where you will hide your face," Anerlisa wrote.

He cautioned Ben Pol to save himself the embarrassment by not to using her name to push his career, advising him to find a job or go back to school should his career fail.


"So to avoid embarrassment, keep my name out of your mouth, don't try to use it to push your music career, if you fail in music, find a job or go back to school," Anerlisa added.

The tough-talking diva added that for now, she will not answer her ex-husband in media interviews as it is below her and not worth her time.

"After a long calculation and deep thinking, I have seen no need to do an interview to answer Ben Pol about my previous relationship with him. I realized it's not really worth my time to talk about it because right now I'm better than that." Anerlisa fired.

Anerlisa leaks screenshot of Ben Pol’s recent texts


The pair’s squabbles on social media began earlier in the week after Ben Pol admitted in an interview that he never enjoyed being married to Anerlisa.

“Besides the cool photos and the good times on Instagram, I have not really enjoyed marriage like other couples.” Stated the Tanzanian star.

Anerlisa fired back noting that the Tanzanian singer has constantly used interviews to paint her in bad light which was different from what he sent her in texts.

"Ben I see you have really taken advantage of my silence for weakness... You've always had the right to tell the interviewer not to ask about me, why are you always making me look bad, yet you send me different from what you talk?" Anerlisa posed.

"If you are really a man I dare you to screenshot what you have been sending me since December 25 to January 4, I have a lot to say but I choose to be a lady, Its simple, stop talking about me!" Anerlisa added.


A day later, the businesswoman shared screenshots of messages she claimed to be from Ben Pol over Christmas depicting RnB singer pouring his heart out to Anerlisa, admitting that she was in her thoughts over Christmas and the changes that have come with her exit in his life.


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