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Boniface Mwangi launches new platform to expose injustices

Boniface Mwangi has officially announced the launch of his new platform.

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi

Human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has announced the creation of a new platform, Sema Ukweli Kenya, to expose injustices and human rights violations in Kenya.

Mwangi, who refers to himself as the People's Watchman, announced the news through a video on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

In the video, Mwangi emphasized the importance of speaking the truth to power, especially in the face of injustices and human rights violations.

"We must expose those who do us harm, those who destroy our communities, and those who plunder and loot our country," Mwangi said.


He shared his experiences of being arrested and shot and having his home almost bombed for speaking out against those in power.

"I know what it means to be a survivor. I have experienced all kinds of injustices. I have been arrested, I have been shot, and my home almost bombed for speaking the truth to power," he said.

Mwangi also acknowledged that there are millions of Kenyans who are experiencing similar or even worse injustices.


Mwangi and his team hope that by creating a space where people can share their experiences and speak out against injustices, they can help to liberate Kenyans from the cycle of oppression.

"Every day, hundreds of Kenyans reach out to me seeking justice. The only way to liberate ourselves is by speaking the truth to power," Mwangi stated.

This announcement comes just a day after Mwangi announced his return to social media after a three-month break.


The activist had taken a break from social media on November 26, 2022, saying that he needed some time to relax and read.

He has been an active social media user, using his platforms to advocate for the rights of the oppressed.

He has amassed hundreds of followers across all his platforms and has become a prominent voice in the fight for justice and human rights in Kenya.


Many Kenyans have welcomed the news of the new platform, expressing hope that it will help expose the injustices.

Some have also praised Mwangi for his tireless efforts in advocating for the country's human rights and social justice.


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