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Chebet Ronoh speaks on being compared to Elsa Majimbo & claims of being depressed

Comedian Chebet Ronoh clears the air

Chebet Ronoh and Elsa Majimbo

Comedian cum Media Personality Deborah Chebet Ronoh as finally weighed in on the act of being compared to comedian Elsa Majimbo, stating that everyone has their own race to run and comparison is the least of her worries.

"A lot of people compare me with Elsa…I did understand it at the beginning because it’s the industry and people are going to compare you… It's s*cks, instead of people looking at this person as she was able to do things that people who who have been in the industry haven't done ..the last thing you want to do is compare," said Chebet.

Ronoh also sought to clarify that she is not depressed as opposed to stories doing round on social media about her.


“First of all, I believe we need to understand what depression is, coz it really sucks because you are just being you and people start telling you, you are not okay, sis, you don’t even know me …so in any situation. I am not depressed, let it be known. I’m very fine,” said Chebet Ronoh.

The Homeboyz Radio Exit

Ronoh also touched on why she exited Homeboyz Radio, just weeks after being employed at the Radio Africa Group owned station.


“When the opportunity came, I thought God was seeing something…and I thought It would look good on my name being back on air…but then again I went back and I wasn’t happy, I didn’t like it again. It had nothing to do with the station, I was just like, am back to doing what I don’t want to do. So, with time I said NO and I was able to leave that again and that was the best decision I made,” she said.

In November 2020, Ronoh had been brought in to host the morning show on Homeboyz Radio dubbed #TheLiftOff alongside G-Money and Neville

On her exit from NRG Radio Ronoh said “…So I left school, went to radio. I was there for a year… April I left. I wanted to explore life beyond being employed. I wanted to know what it felt like to stand on my own.”

In June 2020, the Comedian mentioned that she made her first million at the age of 19.


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