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Citizen TV seniors give Sam Gituku 'Form One' treatment on his News Gang debut [Video]

The News Gang show has made a comeback on Citizen TV after a one-month break following the resignation of Francis Gachuri who was appointed the Head of Communications at the Ministry of Interior and National Administration.

RMS Editorial Director Linus Kaikai, Managing Editor (Swahili) Jamila Mohamed, Senior news anchor, and Business News Editor Yvonne Okwara and news anchor Sam Gituku

On Thursday, April 6, the station unveiled the newest addition to the show, news anchor Sam Gituku.

Sam will join RMS Editorial Director Linus Kaikai, Managing Editor (Swahili) Jamila Mohamed, Senior news anchor, and Business News Editor Yvonne Okwara.

Gituku has been working at Royal Media Services for 11 years, rising from being a Radio Citizen correspondent based in Machakos County before rising to a news anchor and talk show host.

Over the years, the news anchor has reported on a range of subjects, from politics and economics to current affairs.


Sam has interviewed some of the most prominent figures in Kenya including President William Ruto and Opposition leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In his maiden appearance, Gituku was welcomed by his colleagues who extended both warm wishes and playful banter.

Sam welcome to the team, great start, next Thursday pia ni siku,” Yvonne Okwara said.

Ile darkness tulikwambi ulete kwa bucket iko wapi? “ Jamila Mohamed followed up with a joke.


The ‘gang’ continued teasing their newest member, with Linus Kaikai suggesting that Gituku should pay an ‘admission fee’ and ‘caution fee’.

While debuting his “Sam Sense” segment on the show, Gituku, raised concerns over the quality of leadership in Kenya. He questioned the comprehension of the country's contextual realities, history, culture and the overall grasp of the burden of leadership by Kenya's current leaders.

He cited the recent spate of divisive politics, disputes, hatred, incitement and character assassination, adding that the country's leaders should be reminded of their responsibilities.

Gituku also highlighted Kenya's dark history, including the 2007-2008 post-election violence, which claimed over 1,000 lives and displaced over half a million others.


He stressed the importance of leaders in guiding the country towards a path of sanity through Parliament and reminded the leaders that they are held to a higher standard.

With the country set to celebrate its 60th independence anniversary in a few months, Gituku questioned whether Kenya and its citizens are too young to learn from the past.


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