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Kalausi seeks help after selling all belongings, offers Instagram account for $2500

Kenyan comedian Elly Ochieng, popularly known as Kalausi, has shared his ongoing financial hardships, revealing that he's reached a point of desperation where he's had to sell off his possessions.

Kenyan comedian Elly Ochieng 'Tr Kalausi' ( Instagram )

Kenyan comedian Elly Ochieng, popularly known as Kalausi, has shared his ongoing financial hardships, revealing that he's reached a point of desperation where he's had to sell off his possessions, including considering selling his Instagram account.

Kalausi, known for his humorous teaching content, gained fame through his online presence but has recently faced significant challenges in sustaining himself financially.

In a conversation with Kenyan Online Media's Eve, Kalausi bared his struggles, expressing the immense pressure of being the sole provider for his family while grappling with the failure to generate income from his content.


The comedian confessed to feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, having sold off his household items and even contemplating selling his Instagram account, valued at $2500, in a bid to alleviate his mounting debts.

"I reached a point where I felt like there was no point in living. I am a breadwinner. Everybody at home depends on me and where the stress comes from is when they depend on someone who is also trying to make it.

"I have been trying in the city but it's not working. I have lost everything. All my household items and even my phone. I have been struggling with content hoping that one-day nyota itakuja ing'ae," he said.


Despite boasting a substantial following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Kalausi lamented the lack of financial returns, with his TikTok account being permanently banned, resulting in the loss of significant earnings stored in his PayPal account.

"Ndio nikuwe na mind ya kuuza instagram account, debts are on my neck. Nilijiambia what's the point of having 800K followers but am not getting anything on it. YouTube pia inakuja kidogo na inapata kama uko na madeni.

"I am selling the account for 2500 Dollars but it's negotiable. I was gifted Sh500,000 on TikTok but my TikTok account permanently banned my PayPal account with 300,000 still on it. I din't know anybody who could help me. So it disappeared just like that," he said.

Adding to his woes, Kalausi recounted a failed relationship that led to damaging allegations against him on TikTok, tarnishing his reputation and exacerbating his financial woes.


The comedian emphasised the emotional toll of such betrayals amidst his already challenging circumstances.

"I later met a lady and I thought we could work out. But it failed. The lady chose to tarnish my name on TikTok that am a swindler and I took her Sh700K and that scandal destroyed my life," he said.

Amidst the darkness, Kalausi found solace and support from a friend, who encouraged him to open up to his fans about his struggles rather than resorting to desperate measures like selling his Instagram account.

Grateful for the outpouring of support from fans and friends alike, Kalausi expressed his appreciation for the financial assistance and words of encouragement he has received, acknowledging the impact it has had on his morale.


In a humble plea for assistance, Kalausi bravely shared his contact information, inviting anyone willing to offer support to reach out to him directly.

He emphasised the significance of such gestures in bolstering his spirits and resilience during this trying time.


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