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Daddie Marto: Why I block attractive ladies on social media

Daddie Marto: I've had to explain to my wife why I muted some hot mamaa that I was following.

Actor Martin Githinji popularly known as Daddie Marto poses for a photo.

Content creator and influencer Daddie Marto took to Twitter to share a candid revelation regarding his online experiences.

Marto bravely confessed to his wife about his practice of muting and blocking women he found attractive on social media.

Marto revealed that muting was a method he employed to prevent complications and uncomfortable conversations that often arise when someone realises he unfollowed them.

I've ever had to explain to my wife why I muted some hot mamaa that I was following. Tough truth to admit.


“Yes, I've blocked women on social media that I have felt attracted to. Out of my own volition. And it's mostly muting their posts coz once they discover you unfollowed them, it becomes a whole other can of worms and conversation,” he said.

Marto alluded to the fact that if he had previously engaged in direct message (DM) conversations with someone and suddenly went silent, it was a clear indication that he had muted them.

So if we used to speak kitambo kwa DM nikanyamaza, ulikula mute. Kama bado tunaongea, jua sikuoni in that way. This here life you have to protect yourself at whatever cost bana,” Daddie Marto added.


Social media platforms have revolutionized the way people connect and interact with each other.

While these platforms offer unparalleled accessibility, they also present unique challenges.

The blurring of lines between public and private spheres can make it challenging for users to establish and maintain personal boundaries, as well as safeguard their emotional well-being.


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