DNG joins UDA, announce he will be vying for an MCA Seat

For the past few weeks DNG has been campaigning for UDA Candidate in Kiambaa

DNG joins UDA, announce he will be vying in Woodley, Kenyatta Golf Course Ward in 2022

Celebrated Media Personality Davidson Ngibuini popularly known as DNG has declared his candidature for the Woodley, Kenyatta Golf Course Ward, come 2022.

In an interview on Switch TV, DNG said that he is optimistic that he will win the MCA seat and be able to represent the people of Woodley in the Nairobi County Assembly.

“I will be vying be for the MCA Woodley, Kenyatta Golf Course Ward…all my agenda that has to do with community development is about people and in terms of how best to empower, impact and change the lifestyle of the people of Woodley, and Kibra as a constituency it’s by being on the ground, dealing with the issues that they have been facing.

Kibra is the largest slum in Sub-Saharan Africa…for how long will Kibra remain the largest slum in Sub-Saharan Africa. You look at employment and poverty, it at an all-time high. A lot of people ate living in that area, how can we empower this people to improve their livelihoods, take their hustles to the next level…the system has been positioned in such a way that its suppressing the people who are trying to do their level best and come out off the ground and live a good life and the only way we are going to change that is by Legislation" said DNG.

UDA Ticket

During the interview, DNG mentioned that he will be vying for the MCA seat on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket.

“I’m vying on UDA- United Democratic Alliance Party” said DNG.

In an Instagram post, DNG said that his candidature has also been inspired by people who saw leadership skills in him and been pushing him to run for an elective post.

“Everyone I have interacted with has been telling me that I have massive leadership potential. Many have told me I need to get into leadership. Others have told me I need to vie for an elective position.

Despite having been involved in Presidential Elections and Civic Education thrice, I never had the interest to vie. In 2017, I declined to support the ruling party as I knew they had nothing to offer young people. Instead, I launched my own Youth Initiative, @HustleYako and supported other Civic Education Campaigns such as @Jiactivate, #NextGeneration, #KuraYakoChaguoLako, #MyVoiceCounts among others” said DNG in part.

MY Goal

He added that his goal is to get more young people into elective politics and in the end bring change to this nation.

“My goal is to get more young people to get into elective politics. My goal is to get more young people excited about voting and participating in civic and political processes. The reason is simple: The change we seek is not going to come across miraculously. We have to work for it. Change is brought about by people, not wishful thinking.

What steering the #UnlockOurCountry Campaign has taught me is that change is possible, and change is within our grasp. We have to have the guts to step up and get this done! My journey has began. What about yours?” said DNG

The other day while appearing on Pulse Live, the Number one Hypeman said that;

“One thing I tell everybody and I’ve been asked this question everywhere I go people think that politics is only when you are president or a governor or an MP or an MCA, no. Politics is concerned about everything, politics is the art of governance. How we are being governed is bad, therefore when we talk about bad governance, poor leadership, ineffective legislation and presidential directives, we are already in politics. So, yes, I’m already in politics actively. My initiative Who’s Your Leader is about leadership and governance. We are talking about we want good leadership, servant leadership and good governance that’s all we are asking for. Hatutaki viongozi ambao hawajali wananchi, so niko ndani!”.


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