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Don’t follow her when it’s too late – Betty Bayo to men who have wronged their wives

‘DJ Mo’ her, don’t take too long to apologize

Singer Betty Bayo

Singer Betty Bayo has called on men who have wronged their wives not to take too long to apologize to them.

In a letter to men, the mother of three said men should follow the footsteps of DJ Mo, who was recently accused of cheating on his wife Size 8, but the two seemed to have patched things up in just a few days.

Ms Bayo mentioned that women nowadays adjust to their new situations very fast, adding that a woman crying for you today will not do it forever.


The singer urged men not to let their pride make them lose their beautiful families.


with all due respect.

If you have wronged your rib and you know ulimhurt sana until she walk away ... if you know you still love her. Just DjMo her dont take too long to apologise... nowadaiz women adjust very quickly .si unaona ata corona tushazoea. that woman who is crying for u today and begging you won’t do that forever one day she will wake up and move on......don’t follow her when it's too late. Some can't wait for the coming of Christ and still wait for you ...don’t allow her to know apart from YouTube movies Kuna Netflix... don’t allow pride to make you lose your family. go for her now that she is waiting for you. Don’t say I dint tell you.... #enjoying Netflix. @djmokenya,” said Betty Bayo.


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