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Eddie Butita reveals packed future for his company after Diani mission

Eddie Butita highlighted some major plans set to improve Kenyan creative ecosystem

Eddie Butita

Kenyan comedian and content creator Eddie Butita has boarded a private jet from Diani to Nairobi.

In a video posted on his media company's YouTube channel on July 17, the 30-year-old comedian known for his clever humor and entertaining performances, can be seen seated inside a private jet along with members of his team.

Eddie Butita is no stranger to the skies. During Akothee's wedding, he made a grand entrance by landing in a helicopter alongside his friend Sadia.


However, this time, he took his aviation experience a step further by enjoying the luxury of a private jet.

Sharing the experience, Butita showcased the rewards of his successful content-related deals and partnerships.

Although widely recognized as a comedian, Eddie Butita is a multi-talented individual who has ventured into various aspects of the entertainment industry.


Besides his stand-up comedy performances, he runs an online media company, writes scripts for other content creators, and even produces short local movie series.

His diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed to his growing success and influence.

During the private jet flight, Butita took the opportunity to discuss his journey in content creation and his goals for the future.


Reflecting on the early days of his career, he acknowledged that the industry initially faced challenges in terms of business viability.

"When we started acting it was not making sense in this country in terms of business. But right now were happy because of art and what we do. People can be able to earn a livelihood and pay bills network and bring more people on board. And that is the future," Butita said.

However, he expressed his current satisfaction with the growth and impact of the arts. Butita's vision is to expand his media company's reach, foster partnerships with stakeholders, and provide comprehensive solutions that nurture the entire content creation ecosystem.


"We want to take over the continent business and be able to make it meaningful. That’s my vision now. Creative economy cant be ignored at this time.

"What we need to do is teach this people in terms of research and teaching them how to make it as a clean business now," he said.

He emphasized the importance of treating content creation as a legitimate business and empowering aspiring artists to thrive.


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