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How Eddie Butita miraculously made Sh347K from a U.S. conference

Eddie Butita's miraculous U.S. show that earned him Sh347K

Comedian Eddie Butita

Eddie Butita, a renowned comedian and scriptwriter, recently shared fascinating insights into his media career and the remarkable individuals who played a pivotal role in shaping his success.

Speaking to 'Iko Nini' podcast on a previous interview, Butita recalled how he earned $2,500 in a conference that was not supposed to be paid.

The 'A Nurse Toto' script writer how he was invited to a conference called Gotapka, a Kalenjin word loosely translating to a certain house.


"Niliitwanga states na wasee wengine walikua wanafanya kiconference ilikuwa inaitwa Gotapka, a Kalenjin word that loosely translates to nyumba flani," Butita said.

This event, organized by his friend Kennedy Crazy who is based in the United States, was meant to be a Talent Gala. While the Gala didn't take place, it turned out to be a turning point for Butita's career.

"But hiyo pia ilikua miraculous sana. Kuna boy wangu anaitwa Kennedy Crazy alikuwa states so alikuwa anapanga kitu flani ya Talent Gala... So hiyo Gala wao ndo walinisaidia kuget Visa, but hatukufanya hiyo Gala," he said.


Thanks to Kennedy and his connections, Butita was able to secure a visa, even though the event didn't materialize as planned.

With his newfound visa, Butita seized an opportunity when he realized that some people were being denied visas while he had one.

He met a friend Njoro, who then connected him with a person named Allan. It turned out that they were looking for an artist to attend a conference and perform. Without hesitation, Butita accepted the offer.

"Then watu wananyimwa mavisa, so mi naambia Njoro, na watu wananyimwa aje mavisa na niko nayo kwa nyumba. Njoro akaniambia buda manze uko na Visa, akapigia boy flani anaitwa Allan akamshow amepata msee ako na Visa.


"Msee akaniambia tunatafuta mtu ata attend hii conference, msanii mwenye atakam kama mtu wa arts. Utaongea vitu mbili tatu then uperform and that's it." he said.

Although the conference was not originally intended to be a paid show, Butita's talent and wit captivated the audience, and he ended up making approximately $2,500 from tips alone.


The majority of the earnings came from appreciative attendees who were impressed by his comedic skills.

"Hiyo show kitu ilikua, it was not supposed to be a paid show.... But nilimake karibu 2500 dollars. Funny enough mostly ni tips kutoka kwa wasee," he said.

Butita also spoke about his time on NTV's 'The Trend' show, where he credited former host Larry Madowo for providing him with a platform to showcase his talent.

He revealed that his first encounter with Larry happened when he accompanied a friend, Wago, for an interview on a radio show.


Butita's enthusiasm for the show led him to become a regular guest, and he eventually signed a contract with Nation Media after working for months without pay.

He praised Larry for his professionalism and commitment to ensuring that artists were compensated fairly for their work.

"Manze Larry siku moja nikiwahi pata tu zawadi moja poa ya kupatia huyu kijana nitampatia. Kuna time niko Kisii na show iko friday nikaambia producer sitamake it show.


"Sijui kitu Larry alido but niliona van ya NTV imekam mahali niko, satelite ikawekwa juu. Niliperform Trend from Kisii. Nilifeel so important," he said.

Larry's support and guidance elevated Butita's career and allowed him to expand his comedy beyond the confines of Churchill Show.


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