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Emotional Akothee finally opens up about relationship with Cebbie Koks

Akothee was in tears as she narrated the strained relationship

Singer Akothee

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, widely known as Akothee, recently shared a heartfelt account of the challenging dynamics between her and her siblings, particularly her younger sister, Cebbie Koks.

In an emotional interview with Presenter Ali on Thursday 22, Akothee delved into the hurtful events that transpired.

Akothee spoke fondly of her father, highlighting his unwavering support as her number one fan. She emphasized her role in supporting her family, both emotionally and financially, over the years.


However, when she announced her own wedding plans, it coincided with her sister's upcoming wedding, which led to conflicting circumstances.

"When i announced my wedding, my younger sister was having a wedding as well. Omosh wanted to bring cows in December but i told him to wait we were having another wedding," Akothee said.

Akothee recounted how she supported her sister's wedding wholeheartedly by allowing her children to attend the ceremony.


"On my sisters wedding i gave the much support i could... it shows that i didn't have a problem with the wedding. There is a problem between us that needed to be solved. So how could i just invite myself there?" she questioned.

However, behind the scenes, tensions simmered, and there were unresolved issues between them.

Akothee explained that her sister crossed certain boundaries, and she expected an apology that never materialized. Consequently, she did not feel welcome at her sister's wedding


According to Akothee, she heard that her sister convinced others that there was no actual wedding and that Akothee had merely sought to overshadow her special day.

"That time we had wrangles with my sister and she's the one who is always crossing my line and i expected her to apologise which never happened. So there was no way i could bring myself to a table i am not invited.

"I was waiting for my sister to come and tell me you know lets put our differences aside. I am sorry. the only word i was waiting to make her realize she's really hurt me to the core... and it would have ended there, "she said.


This manipulation according to Akothee, caused others to view her unfavorably and tarnished her reputation within the family. Akothee, who says she had always been the unifying force, felt betrayed by this sudden turn of events.

"Everybody saw me like a bad person and i can remember i was the unifying factor for my family. I've been there , I've educated them, I've supported them, but when it came to me things started changing," she said.

Akothee emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions. She urged her fans who have wronged any person to have the courage to apologize sincerely.


Akothee firmly believed that a simple act of saying sorry can mend deep wounds and restore harmony.

"From what we heard, i think she convinced everybody that there was no wedding, and that i just wanted to stand her wedding," she said.

Akothee emphasized the detrimental effects of harboring hatred and enlisting others to participate in animosity.

She had been a pillar of support and love for her family, but when it came to her own needs, she felt a noticeable shift in their behavior.


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