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Outcry as Eric Omondi exposes alleged brutality by county askaris [Video]

In a video shared by Eric Omondi, two distressed women, alleging harassment by Nairobi Kanjos are seen lying on the ground, crying uncontrollably.

Eric Omondi

Comedian and philanthropist Eric Omondi has taken to social media to shine a light on an incident involving City County officers 'Kanjo.'

The incident, captured in a video shared by Omondi on his Instagram account, depicted a distressing scene where Kanjo officers were seen forcefully apprehending individuals on the roadside.

In the video, a Kanjo vehicle is observed parked by the roadside in an undisclosed location, with officers coercing people to enter the vehicle.


Eric Omondi, who happened to be near the scene, quickly approached the officers to question their actions, expressing concern over the forceful and seemingly harassing behavior toward the individuals.

However, before the officers could respond, the vehicle swiftly drove away, leaving Omondi with onlookers and two distressed women who had reportedly been mistreated by the Kanjo officers.

Both women were visibly upset, with one of them attempting to narrate the ordeal amid tears.


The distressing encounter prompted Eric Omondi to share the video on his social media platforms, calling on Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to intervene in the matter.

In his warning, Omondi urged Sakaja to release the individuals who had been apprehended by the Kanjo officers and ensure that the affected women received medical attention.

Omondi expressed shock and dismay at the brutality witnessed during the incident, highlighting the plight of ordinary citizens who are striving to make ends meet.


He emphasised the importance of standing up against such acts of injustice and called for accountability from the authorities.

"johnson sakaja!!! Release Ken now and take this woman to the hospital!!! Today I caught them in the act!!! Sooo brutal!!! I saw a man lift a woman and drop them!!! These are our brothers and sisters struggling to make ends meet to put food on the table. Our time is coming!!! Please watch to the end," he wrote.

Omondi's message to Sakaja resonated with many of his followers, who echoed his sentiments and expressed solidarity with the victims of the Kanjo harassment.


Many called for reforms within the City Council to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.


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