Ex-BBC Journalist Makena Njeri pays heartfelt tribute to late mother on her 58th birthday (Photos)

My Angel! My Mama ♥️- Njeri to late Mother

Makena with her Brother. Ex-BBC Journalist Makena Njeri pays heartfelt tribute to late mother on her 58th birthday (Photos)

Former BBC Journalist Christine Njeri Makena penned down a heartfelt tribute to her late mother who could be turning 58 years old if she was alive.

In her tribute, Njeri mentioned that her late Mom taught her to always choose love over hate. Adding that, she still cherishes the good memories they shared when she was alive.

Makena’s mother passed way back in 2013.

“My Angel! My Mama ♥️.

Our Queen thank you for the life lessons thank you for loving me and Kimani. Thank you for your never ending blessings. A day like today will always remind me of your gentle spirit and kind heart. You forgave more than anyone could ever imagine, your were not quick to anger and you loved everyone equally. You taught me to always choose love over hate anytime and the memories I have of you are beautiful memories of your never ending smile 😊. I love you my Mama and your legacy shall live on forever. All the flowers for you my Queen on your birthday! Happy 58th my Mama. I love you keep dancing with the Angels ♥️” reads Makena Njeri’s tribute to her mother.

Abusive Home

In 2019, the former Tahidi High actress, opened up on growing up in a violent home. She narrated that her father struggled with alcoholism and often became physically abusive towards her mother to a point that Makena had to share a bed with her mother to protect her from her father’s blows.

In addition, the dad cheated on their mother and infected her with HIV.

“My dad started cheating a lot I would bump into him in town with different women,” Christine Njeri told Grace Msalame on her show Unscripted with Grace.

And when her mum passed on in 2013 she broke down and felt that it was unfair since the dad was the one who infected her mother. As it turns out the father was a carrier. When they laid their mum to rest, she refused to talk to her father until two years later when he was at his death bed.

She finally went to see her dad at his death bed after being convinced by her brother to see her dad before he passed on.

“I went back to see my dad, he couldn’t talk he was very sick and I told him ‘Daddy I forgive you’. I forgive you for everything you took us through. I set you free,” she revealed.


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