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How Ezekiel Mutua's error became a beautiful act of kindness

Ezekiel Mutua says it was a miracle

Ezekiel Mutua

The boss of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Ezekiel Mutua, found himself in a situation where he had no choice but to show gratitude to a kind stranger who offered to return his mistakenly sent money.

According to Mr Mutua, he inadvertently sent Sh5K to the wrong number and attempted to reverse the transaction immediately.

However, to his surprise, he received a message expressing gratitude for the money he had sent.


He added that the message conveyed that the recipient was in dire straits and had fervently prayed for a miracle.

"I told them that I had sent them the money by mistake and asked that they reverse the transaction," Ezekiel Mutua wrote.

Mutua continued by explaining that they successfully reversed the money, and he even went a step further by topping up the amount and sending it back to the recipient.

He emphasized that this act demonstrated their integrity, as they chose to refund the money rather than engaging in any dishonest or fraudulent activity.


He concluded by reflecting on the situation, stating that the initial amount was sent by mistake, but the subsequent act of refunding the money was nothing short of a miracle. This experience reinforced his belief that integrity pays off.

Nelly Muluka Sir, some years back you sent me 5K by mistake and I returned it. Maybe my miracle is cooking.

Chrispine Onyango Oduma Ezekiel Mutua we both know you have my number. Ni mimi sipendwi na miujiza ama ni wewe unaonyesha miujiza za kwangu njia za kwenda kando? Be a Man of integrity. Stop misdirecting my miracles. Act right. Act now!


Vicky Chebaibai Kitonga Wow! I pray that someone will send money to me by mistake and I will refund them and they top up. Lord touch someone to send to all who are reading this message. When you pass an integrity test blessings come your way.

John Karuthi The reason I follow you, you are a true leader that Kenyans deserve, may God continue blessing you and your family so that you can light many people's candles.

Tom Mogusu My Senior, the Lord continue blessing the work of your hands. And before you forget, I also need that particular miracle. Mwathàni mùrungú.

Ngugi Isaac expressed that Ezekiel Mutua is a generous individual and reminisced about a time when the MCSK boss bought him a birthday present, despite the fact that they had never met in person.


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