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TikToker Wanja Kihii in tears as funds allegedly disappear from bank account, netizens react

Netizens react after TikToker Wanja Kihii's emotional video revealing missing funds from an account she holds with a top Kenyan bank.

Kenyan TikToker & rapper Wanja Kihii

Kenyan TikToker Wanja Kihii recently found herself in tears after discovering that the money she had in her bank account had vanished.

In a social media video that quickly went viral, the controversial rapper tearfully informed her followers about the unexpected turn of events on February 26

Through the emotional video, Wanja Kihii revealed the distressing news to her fans. She recounted how she went to check her bank account balance, only to be met with the alarming sight of a zero balance.


In tears, she expressed her shock and disbelief at the sudden disappearance of her funds.

"So guys, nimeenda kuangalia pesa yangu nikapata hakuna. I had a lot of money in the account and now it's zero," Wanja said amidst sobs, reflecting the anguish caused by the unexpected financial setback.

Wanja Kihii's emotional distress was palpable as she lamented the loss of the money she had meticulously saved and planned to use for various purposes.


The disappointment of seeing her hard-earned funds vanish without explanation left her visibly distraught.

"Hiyo pesa nilikuwa nimepangia..." she continued, expressing her frustration and bewilderment over the inexplicable disappearance of her savings.

In response to Wanja Kihii's heartbreaking revelation, her fans and friends flooded the comment section with words of comfort and encouragement.


Many sympathised with her plight, offering words of support and solidarity during this challenging time.

Some advised her to remain patient and give the bank time to address the issue, citing similar occurrences during maintenance periods.

Wanja Kihii rose to prominence through her bold and outspoken demeanor, often stirring up conversations with her provocative content.


Notably, she gained attention for her song, which contained disses aimed at several prominent Kenyan artists, including Khaligraph Jones and Bahati.

Additionally, Wanja Kihii has courted controversy in the past by openly professing her admiration for Mugithi singer Samidoh.

She made headlines by expressing her willingness to become his fifth wife, sparking debates and discussions across social media platforms.


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