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Felicity Shiru shares remarkable 9-month milestones achieved by her daughter

Felicity Shiru proudly shares daughter's special achievements at just 9 months

Felicity Shiru

In a heartwarming revelation, content creator Felicity Shiru has shared a remarkable update on the progress of her adorable daughter, Zoey.

The milestone-packed journey was unveiled in a video uploaded to Felicity's YouTube channel on August 9, marking a significant moment in Zoey's growth and development.

With an evident sense of excitement, Felicity kicked off her video by announcing that baby Zoey has now reached the age of 9 months.


The doting mother provided her fans and followers with a delightful glimpse into the myriad of achievements and changes that Zoey has experienced since her much-anticipated face reveal.

At the tender age of just three or four months, Zoey demonstrated her fearless spirit by getting her ears pierced.


"Sijai leta Zoey kwa blog since tumreveal. By the way she had her piercings akiwa three or four months. Alidungiliwa na chini, just incase atake piercing ya pili," Felicity shared.

Felicity proudly shared that Zoey, at just nine months, is already exploring the world around her with astonishing agility.

Not only is she confidently using a baby walker, but she has also taken her first steps towards independent standing.

  1. "Sai ni nine years old. She's already using a baby walker. Like hadi kukimbia. Pia she's standing by herself. You know, akitumia meza kanatembea kakishikilia vitu," she said.

The sight of Zoey steadying herself with furniture and venturing forth while clutching onto objects embodies the remarkable spirit of growth and exploration.

Highlighting Zoey's dietary journey, Felicity shed light on her daughter's wholesome eating habits.


Zoey, a bundle of energy, consumes four to five meals a day. Her day commences with nourishing options like porridge or Weetabix.

"Something else guys, kako na some two teeth. She eats like four to five times a day. Akiamka anakula either porridge ama Weetabix. She takes a lot of pumpkins, bananas. Pia anakula viazi, spinach and fruits," she said.

The young explorer's diet is packed with nutritious delights, including pumpkins, bananas, spinach, and an array of fruits.


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