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Felicity Shiru defends Thee Pluto over cheating allegations

Felicity says she is up to date with Thee Pluto's whereabouts

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru

Content creator Felicity Shiru, in an interview on June 11, finally broke her silence regarding the allegations that her baby daddy, Thee Pluto, cheated on her and paid to keep the information hidden.

Felicity revealed that Thee Pluto initially showed her a post by a blogger accusing him of cheating. However, she didn't pay much attention to it at the time as she was focused on something else.

She then continued to explain that at one point, a random person contacted her, claiming to possess evidence to prove the cheating allegations.


This individual expressed their willingness to share the incriminating evidence, but unfortunately, it never materialized.

Felicity continued, stating that she did not overreact when news of Pluto's alleged cheating spread, as she believed that someone was deliberately trying to tarnish his reputation and sabotage their relationship.

She further mentioned that there were also unfounded stories circulating about her baby daddy engaging in online scams, clarifying that those allegations were entirely untrue.

"Looking at logic, the way Pluto explained everything to me made sense because I know about his whereabouts and so that story didn't make any sense," Felicity said.


Felicity said that she is okay with Thee Pluto despite all the cheating allegations. She said that maybe people were expecting aa breakup but that's not the case.

Following the birth of Felicity's baby girl in November 2022, YouTuber Andrew Kibe made a public statement asserting that the child was not Thee Pluto's.


He even offered to cover the costs of a DNA test to support his claim. This statement generated significant online conversation, but Felicity found it amusing since she knew the truth.

She expressed her confusion about the motives behind such allegations.

Felicity, however, disclosed that Pluto approached her to inquire about the allegations but it didn't lead them to the extent of getting a DNA test.


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