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Photocopy! Fans react after Thee Pluto & Felicity reveal daughter's face

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru reveal their daughter Zoey's face for the first time

Thee Pluto and his daughter Zoey

Content creator Thee Pluto and his partner Felicity Shiru have finally unveiled their daughter Zoey's face to the world.

The couple, who welcomed their first child together in November 2022, had previously kept her face hidden from the public eye.

However, they recently decided it was time to introduce Zoey to their fans and reduce the pressure they felt to keep her hidden.


Finally, Thee Pluto proudly revealed their daughter's face through Instagram video and photos on Friday June 7, asking viewers if she resembled him or Felicity.

This moment marked a significant milestone for the couple as they shared their joy and excitement in showcasing their little angel to their audience.


In a previous interview, Thee Pluto expressed how difficult it had been to keep Zoe's face hidden whenever they went out.

He explained that there were times when they had to cover her face completely to ensure she couldn't be seen.

Felicity Shiru echoed Thee Pluto's sentiments, expressing her gratitude for the milestones their daughter had reached.


She emphasized that raising a child to reach eight months old was a blessing, highlighting the joy and fulfillment they experienced as parents.

Thee Pluto also addressed skeptics who had questioned whether Zoe was his biological child, urging them to trust in his word.

He commended Felicity for not succumbing to the pressure and reaffirmed his paternity, asserting that there was no need for doubt. .


The couple also expressed their gratitude towards their nanny for the dedicated care she provided to Zoey.

They acknowledged her efforts and reassured their followers that she was well-compensated for her services.


Thee Pluto and Felicity recognized the invaluable support they received from their nanny, enabling them to balance parenting responsibilities while pursuing their careers.

Fans have congratulated the two through beautiful messages on social media. Here are some comments on Instagram.

i_amkabugi Kurera ni kuihora photocopy fafa 🫶💯💯

djmokenya Maskio kaka maskia

aggie_the_dance_queen She is soo cute


billymiya nasema utaandika umbwa kali kwa gate?

auntie_jemimah Awwwwwwww

solo_nz_ Masikio Pluto.. Macho Fel

kevin_musau1 Like daughter like are blessed my bro wangu. congratulations

realbuggi huyu ni wewe kabisaaaa! Congratulations brother.


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